How to


A Full Week of Pizza Joy

Pizza Week is easy to celebrate with each day building the carb and dairy-filled festiveness.

Day 1

Create a festive atmosphere with mylar balloons, artwork, lighting and even blankets. Streamers and balloons make good cost-effective options.

‘Za Fast
All is Pizza
Day 5
Look Ahead

Choose a piece of pizza to leave in the freezer until the next observance of Pizza Week – 2 years from now. This slice can be consumed during any day of the future celebration but makes for a particularly special first night.

Go All-In
Are you a Pizza Week expert? Try observing one of these themes to change up your festivities.
Theme Ideas
Quality Increase

Start from the bottom and increase the pizza quality each day. Good starting points are Totino’s-equivalent microwavable pies – it’s all uphill from there.

All Homemade

The surest path to high-quality pizza is to make it yourself. Check our recipes section for some ideas.


If allergies or health concerns are preventing you from participating, you can always eat vaguely pizza-shaped foods like strawberries on a pineapple slice.

Every Meal

This theme has never been attempted or completed as part of Pizza Week. Participants eat pizza for 3 meals per day for the full week.


Is Pizza Week healthy?

It depends. There are no requirements for the amount of pizza you eat per day. For example, you could eat a single Combo to count as your pizza for the day.

How often is Pizza Week celebrated?

Pizza Week is biennial with the previous observances taking place in 2020 and 2022.

Is Pizza Week a marketing initiative?

No, Pizza Week is a real holiday that is privately promoted.

What are the dates for Pizza Week 2026?

Dates will be selected in late 2025 to early 2026 and announced here.