Grandma Pizza

This delightful Sicilian-style pie has its roots in New York and is a beloved classic because it could be baked at home – even without a pizza oven. The dough is straightforward (just start it the day before) and extra flavorful with the optional Pizza Dough Seasoning.

Many recipes exist from The Kitchn, Simply Recipes & Food Network but this recipe from King Arthur Baking Company is a winner.


  • No baking stone is needed (just a dark sheet pan) but it’s worth baking until the crust is fairly dark to ensure that the bottom is well browned.
  • You can make your own quick sauce by pureeing a 28 oz. can of whole tomatoes with a tablespoon of salt.
  • Parmesan may be the standard topping but adding some Chili Crisp is a great way to change it up.